About Terry

Terry Larson divides his life into two parts, Before and After Obergefell.

Before Obergefell he was just another dad, working and struggling to raise five kids.

He was one of four kids raised on a farm in central Minnesota. His family milked 50 dairy and raised 50 beef cattle as far back as Terry can remember. They had every kind of farm animal at one time or another, including a singular buffalo.

Terry’s two younger brothers were state wrestlers and football players while he always had a book in his hands-unless he was using them at the piano on which he suffered nine years of lessons. With one younger sister, the three boys were active in 4-H and church activities and hunted nearly anything that moved.

Terry graduated from the University of Minnesota, Morris in 1987 with a BA in English and philosophy minor. He earned diplomas in desktop publishing and technical art and illustration in 1994, and began his career developing technical publications for equipment manufacturers including Bobcat and John Deere.

He was the entire publications department for several companies, and eventually joined a large team as a project manager working with agencies and manufacturers in other countries, including the Netherlands and Germany.

Terry married Suzie in 1998, and four stepchildren would later be joined by five more children.

A new job brought the family to Horicon, Wisconsin in 2000. This was followed by relocation to South Carolina in 2002, then back to Wisconsin in 2010.

Terry and the family loved living in the South, but he missed the green lawns of Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as the cheese and sausage and pies. Life without sausage was particularly hard at times.

Terry knows how life goes working on the farm, working on the line (several years at a poultry processing plant), and working behind the desk. He most enjoyed working in manufacturing with everyone involved in designing, assembling and delivering equipment ranging from lawn mowers to tractor loader backhoes, skid-steer loaders, rock crushers and conveying equipment. And he knows how life goes when after all your hard work you still find yourself with only a few dollar bills left in your pocket until payday, having to decide whether to spend what’s left on gas, or milk and bread.

Terry describes himself as a Protestant mutt, having been trained in Apostolic Christian, Assembly of God, Baptist (several kinds), Christian Reformed, Covenant, Evangelical Free, Lutheran (several kinds), Mennonite, non-denominational, and Presbyterian churches as the family relocated during employment in several states. He is currently a Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod church member.

After Obergefell Terry realized he had to stop taking the Constitution for granted.

He tried petitioning Governor Walker and Attorney General Schimel to prevent that Supreme Court opinion’s enforcement as law in Wisconsin but couldn’t gather enough support to be effective. He published his first book, The Christian Response to Homosexual Marriage: How Progressives are Ending America, exactly two years after Obergefell, on June 26, 2017.

Terry confesses he laughed at first when Constitution Party of Wisconsin leadership suggested he run for an office like state treasurer or attorney general. After considering for several months, he realized becoming attorney general was the most effective way he might stop the enforcement of worse SCOTUS opinions coming.

As Terry Larson insists regarding Obergefell, “If everyone agrees, if no one can be bothered to say anything, when five unelected lawyers on the Supreme Court give us their opinion and tell us that is the law, then we are done with this Constitution and we are done with this constitutional republic.”